Black Man Whose Son Was Killed by White Police Officer Rejects ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Wants No Revenge

Adrian Taylor, whose son Christian was shot and killed by a rookie officer in Arlington, Texas, is rejecting representatives of “black lives matter” who want to use his son’s death to push their activist cause. Taylor says that he is praying for the officer and his family, wants no revenge, and does not want his son’s death to spur riots and hate.

By all accounts Christian Taylor, 19, was a pretty good kid. But on the night of August 7 he was caught breaking into a car dealership and was confronted by police officer Brad Miller, a first year rookie. The officer said the young man, a college football player, charged at him and so he fired his gun killing the suspect.

The department fired Officer Miller for not waiting for back up and for going into the car dealership alone.

Since then many in the so-called “black lives matter” crew have been trying to get the teen’s family to lend their son’s death for their cause.

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But Mr. Taylor says no way, he doesn’t want his son’s death used to stir hatred…

If anything, Taylor may teach all of us a thing or two about grace, compassion and, most important, not rushing to judgment in situations that aren’t always black and white.

He expressed sorrow for the white officer who shot his son, saying he refuses to turn the shooting into a racial issue.

“There’s no winner in this,” Taylor said. “We’re both losers. I feel for him and I pray for him.”

And while social justice activists in the Black Lives Matter movement may hang ex-Officer Brad Miller’s firing on their mantel like a trophy, Taylor refuses to consider it a victory for anyone, let alone his family.

“People ask me if I’m happy about the decision,” he said. “No, I’m not happy. No matter the decision, I can’t get my son back. I’ll never see him again.”

The hurt is deep, and it cuts both ways, he said, for both the Taylor and Miller families.

“The officer lost his job, his dream,” Taylor said. “But more than that, a life was lost. And both of our lives were changed.”

This is such a sad time for all involved, but Taylor deserves extra credit for his compassionate and Christian response to this tragedy.

Warner Todd Huston

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