Bodies of two children – aged 11 and 14 – were inside freezer ‘for more than a YEAR while mother lived in the house with her two other kids’ (VIDEO)

by Cassy Fiano | March 25, 2015 2:49 pm

It’s horrific enough for a mother to kill her own children. But monster mom Mitchelle Blair took it to another level when she was found to have allegedly not only murdered two of her children, but left them in a freezer in her home and then lived there with her other two children for a year.

mitchelle blair[1]

A mother has allegedly confessed to the murder of her two children after the bodies of a boy and girl were found stuffed in a freezer at the family home, according to a police source.

The woman, named locally as Mitchelle Blair, 35, was arrested after the frozen bodies of a boy, approximately 11-years-old, and a girl, around 14-years, were discovered inside a plastic bag.

It is believed the pair had been dead for more than a year when the grim discovery was made by bailiffs carrying out an eviction at the Martin Luther King apartments on Tuesday morning.

It has been claimed that Blair allegedly confessed to strangling her son in May 2012, according to WXYZ, who are quoting a police source.

She is also said to have admitted torturing her daughter to death just nine months later, the news channel reported.

… Blair describes herself as ‘Loyal to my babies’ on her Facebook page.

On January 30, the posted a photo with a message.

It read: ‘There is no greater blessing than being called MOM.’

The sick thing is that people around her apparently noticed that two of her children just magically disappeared, and yet none of them found it concerning or thought to notify police — and what would make her other two children just ignore the disappearance of their siblings? Just when you think you’ve seen the worst of humanity, a new case like this comes along and proves you wrong.

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