BOOM: Look at What the NRA Did IMMEDIATELY After Kim Kardashian Was Robbed at Gunpoint

BOOM: Look at What the NRA Did IMMEDIATELY After Kim Kardashian Was Robbed at Gunpoint

Kim Karsashian and hubby went to Paris… her for a fashion event and him for a concert. Then Kim got robbed at gunpoint in gun-free Paris. Imagine that. The NRA had a field day on Twitter with Kardashian… she is an out-spoken air-headed gun critic. She just got a real world lesson in the consequences of gun control… it doesn’t disarm the bad guys… just everyone else.

The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was reportedly approached by five men dressed as police officers who forced their way into her apartment, where she was bound and gagged in the bathroom. The thieves reportedly held a gun to her head while they stole more than $10 million dollars worth of jewelry. Originally, I think it was $6.4 million and then miraculously it jumped to $10 million. This is an alleged robbery for a number of reasons… all of which make you squint.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Kim Kardashian, who is known for having a father that helped O.J. Simpson get away with murder, a sex tape, large backside, subsequent reality television show, and Bruce Jenner, was allegedly held up at gunpoint in a swanky Paris apartment on Monday.

Kardashian has been outspoken, in her signature uneducated fashion, about her support for strict gun control prior to being held up in Paris — something that the NRA brought up on Twitter.




What about common-sense gun control? That’s supposed to fix everything, right? France has notoriously strict gun control, but that didn’t stop the criminals that held Kardashian up from having guns.


Remember how not long ago Kim’s hubby, Kanye West, was begging for money on social media? Even though they have millions, he said they were in financial trouble. I understand the authorities are questioning if this was insurance fraud or a publicity stunt. I can’t say I blame them. It looks fishy to me too. Kanye West was told about the news mid-concert, prompting a dramatic walk-off from the stage.

Why was Kim’s security so loose? Her personal bodyguard was not with her at the time and the building night watchman was easily overpowered. Michael Jackson’s former security chief has put the family on blast for not taking additional security measures after a run-in with a creepy prankster four days earlier. She would have had to order the bodyguard to go with her sisters to a nightclub, which is the reason he was not there.

When she was attacked, she also wasn’t hurt. If these robbers indeed stole the jewelry, why wouldn’t they take Kim? She would have been worth millions in ransom. And bad guys are not usually so gentle with the people they rob.

The whole thing looks contrived. The NRA was epic on twitter taking Kim to task over guns. There are twice as many illegally owned firearms as legal ones in France. Getting robbed there is almost expected these days. But in a massively ironic twist, the left is blaming the NRA and the lack of stricter gun laws on this whole sordid mess. The shoe is on the other foot and the NRA is laying blame where it belongs… on the leftists for disarming citizens and leaving them easy prey for criminals… case in point.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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