BREAKING: Explosion in New York City

BREAKING: Explosion in New York City

As is often the case when something like this first happens, details are sketchy. However, we do know that at 8:40 PM tonight, a dumpster exploded outside of the Associated Blind Housing facility in New York City.


An explosive device would seem to be the most likely cause, but the police have released no details on what, if anything, they’ve discovered in the remains of the dumpster.

On the upside, early reports indicate that no one was killed, but 26 people did suffer minor injuries.

As of yet, neither Al-Qaeda, ISIS nor any other group has taken responsibility for the attack. Additionally, it’s hard to say exactly what the motive was at this point. While people were hurt, the building wasn’t taken down entirely and injuries were relatively light. Was that intentional? Was the explosion supposed to be stronger?

We don’t know for sure.

Let’s hope that we catch whoever did this soon.

Update: Preliminary reports from the police indicate that there was an IED in the dumpster.

Update #2:

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