BREAKING: Federal Prosecutors Make Major Announcement About Anthony Weiner

BREAKING: Federal Prosecutors Make Major Announcement About Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is back in the headlines, but this time it’s not a new sexting scandal that has him in hot water! Surprising, I know. He’s managing to keep it in his pants (or at least well-hidden) for a record amount of time.

Unfortunately, he’s back in our lives because of the most recent sexting scandal, which is still playing out legally. It would appear that despite his former political status, the law isn’t on his side for this one.


The Wall Street Journal is up to date on the latest Weiner shenanigans.

rosecutors also are weighing other charges, including receipt of child pornography, for which conviction carries a five-year mandatory minimum, and possession of child pornography, which has no mandatory minimum. Legal experts say receipt and possession encompass virtually the same misconduct, but the two charges are a way to give prosecutors more discretion in their charging decisions.

Prosecutors could decide not to bring any charges.

It isn’t known what images prosecutors have found in the course of the investigation. Federal child pornography laws are broadly written, and lawyers who have defended people charged with child pornography say certain types of images could receive lighter treatment under the law, such as photos of nude minors who aren’t engaging in sexually explicit activity.

If he doesn’t receive charges for this, I will lose all faith in the justice system. It needs to be made very clear that you can’t take advantage of young women, regardless of your status within the community of political hierarchy.

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