BREAKING: Things Just Got a LOT Worse for Al Franken Amid Sex Scandal [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Things Just Got a LOT Worse for Al Franken Amid Sex Scandal [VIDEO]

Things have gone from bad to worse for Rep. Al Franken.

Another woman has come forward to claim that while she was deployed in Kuwait, she took a photo with Franken while he was still working as a comedian, during which he cupped one of her breasts.

The veteran’s name is Stephanie Kemplin of Ohio and at 41, she would have been approximately 27 during her tour when she met Franken in December of 2003. Kemplin is the fifth woman to come forward in the last two weeks to accuse Franken of inappropriate touching and the second woman to allege that the harassment took place while Franken was working with the USO. Kemplin describes what happened, after she had waited in line to take a photo with Franken:

“When he put his arm around me, he groped my right breast. He kept his hand all the way over on my breast… And I remember thinking: is he going to move his hand? Was it an accident? Was he going to move his hand?”

She repeatedly said that she was “embarrassed” about the incident and that she remembers “cleaning up” and feeling flushed, saying that he never moved his hand with the touch lasting between five and ten seconds and she shifted her body right before the photo, above, was snapped.

At the time, Kemplin was working as Military Police and she said she felt “so sorry for that young girl in that picture.”

She said that she was put on the spot, because she didn’t want to upset the fact that she was in a war zone and Franken was “on a USO tour.” She did not mention the incident to any other soldiers, but she did speak to her family and her boyfriend at the time. Kemplin’s sister said that Stephanie is “bold and assertive,” but that she “didn’t know what to do” at the time.

Of the five women who have stepped forward, we know the names of three. Leeann Tweeden was the first to speak up about how Franken forcibly stuck his tongue down her throat and later was photographed with his hands on her breasts as she slept, while she was on her ninth tour with the USO. Tweeden had a military family and her husband Chris is an Air Force pilot.

The second named woman was Lindsay Menz who alleged that she was groped when she posed for a photo with Franken while she was working her father’s radio station booth at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010.

Al Franken has refused to step down from his position, even with the ultra-Democrat New York Times recommending the action.

Here’s a video from this morning from CNN (yes, I apologize, it’s CNN) describing what happened:

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