California To Release 10,000 Violent Prisoners Onto The Streets

California To Release 10,000 Violent Prisoners Onto The Streets

Ever notice that the bigger government gets, the less competent it seems to get at the basic functions people expect it to fulfill? Like running prisons, for example? California’s prisons are wildly overcrowded and it’s been under court order to get its prison population handled since 2009.

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Naturally, California hasn’t done it.

California has money for illegal aliens, unions, pie in the sky high speed train projects — just about everything under the sun except doing Job One of government, which is to protect the populace and enforce law and order.

Sadly for the people of California, the courts are now forcing California to release 10,000 prisoners, some of whom are dangerous.

On August 2 the U.S. Supreme Court refused California Governor Jerry Brown’s (D) emergency request to halt the release of inmates from that state’s prison system.

This means the June order for Brown to release approximately 10,000 prisoners stands and Brown is expected to comply.

According to the AP, Brown and his attorneys fought this order believing compliance with it will include the release of “violent criminals and overwhelm the abilities of law enforcement and social services to monitor” the newly released prisoners.

Attorneys for the state of California pointed out that no state has ever released such a large number of prisoners at once, and that “no data suggests that a sudden release of inmates with [violent] characteristics can be done safely.”

Did the court make the wrong call? Yes, BUT….and this is a big but, the Democrats that run California lock, stock and barrel are even more responsible for this debacle than the courts. They’ve had four years to deal with this problem and they’ve completely and utterly failed. Now, there are going to be Californians raped, robbed and murdered because of the complete incompetence of California’s state government. If only all of these prisoners could be moved into the neighborhoods of the Democrats who’ve done nothing for four years, we’d at least have some small measure of justice.

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