Congress Shooter Was Rude Loner Who CREEPED Out Women

Congress Shooter Was Rude Loner Who CREEPED Out Women

The man who dared to shoot up a Republican congressional baseball practice on Wednesday turned up at a sports bar in Alexandria quite often where he ‘creeped out’ the female bartenders while he drank all by himself, staring out a window.

James Hodgkinson, 66, succumbed to his wounds inflicted from gun shots on Wednesday, hours after he started shooting at a group of Republican congressmen and their aides who were preparing to play a congressional baseball game in the Washington, D.C. suburb. Steve Scalise, the third-most senior House Republican, was one of the four who were injured.

Scalise is critically-ill after surgery on the hole that a bullet put in his hip while the other three maimed – two of them where the heroes from the Capitol Hill Police who took out Hodgkinson before he could finish his shooting spree. Congressional staffer Zachary Barth and lobbyist Matt Mika were the last two that were injured, though they are expected to make a full recovery.

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Hodgkinson was a steadfast Sanders supporter and campaigned for the socialist senator to get the Democratic nomination for the office of the President last year. His family said he was overwrought over Trump’s November election win and discovered that he had been living in Alexandria right out of his van, and taking his clothes to a gym to use the showers.

He was a union tradesman with a home inspection business and had left his wife at home to move to Alexandria. He had threatened to ‘destroy’ Trump and his administration…and yet, once again, the Secret Service didn’t catch that.

The ‘Bernie bro’ was a regular at Pork Barrel BBQ, a local bar near the baseball field. He would often be seen stopping in during happy hour and would just sit and stare.

Jamie Craig, a bartender at the restaurant:

‘He definitely creeped out all our female bartenders. I tried to shy away from him… just a feeling, he gave me a weird, odd vibe.’

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