Could the Aurora Theater Shooting Have Been Prevented? A Report Reveals What Campus Police Knew

Could the Aurora Theater Shooting Have Been Prevented? A Report Reveals What Campus Police Knew

After a tragedy strikes, it’s only natural to wonder if something could have been done to prevent it. But in the case of James Holmes and the Aurora theater shooting, it turns out that authorities might have been able to prevent it — but they did nothing, despite knowing Holmes’ murderous intentions.

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When James Holmes killed 12 people in Aurora, Colorado, and injured 70 others, there wasn’t a lot of information available on what triggered his murder spree.

While the horrific act he committed can’t be undone, a new report about what campus police knew about Holmes begs the question: Could the Aurora theater shooting have been prevented?

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As it turns out, campus psychiatrist Dr. Lynn Fenton, whom Holmes was a patient of, knew about his desire to murder innocents one month before the massacre in Aurora.

According to the Daily Mail:

More than a month before James Holmes’ deadly rampage at a Colorado movie theater, the head of his neuroscience graduate program called a campus police officer saying the student had told his psychiatrist that he wanted to kill people to make up for his failure in science.

But newly released records show the officer did little other than check to see whether Holmes had a criminal record and deactivate his campus access cards. And his psychiatrist declined to detain Holmes, who had revealed no specific targets or threats, because she thought it would only ‘inflame him.’

Holmes also reached out to the head of the neuroscience program at the University of Colorado.

The New York Daily News reports:

About the same time, Fenton called University of Colorado professor Sukumar Vijayaraghavan, head of the neuroscience program, about Holmes.

“James had told her (Fenton) he did not think he would make a mark on the world with science so he could blow up people and become famous,” Vijayaraghavan told police, according to the documents.

Vijayaraghavan said he then called Whitten, who told him “action would be taken immediately.” She said police were “aware of the situation and are keeping an eye on the whole thing.”

Much of this can be blamed, as usual, on the left. By making it nearly impossible to institutionalize people in the 70s, it meant that authorities were left powerless in situations such as these. It’s an example of yet another disastrous, albeit well-meaning, policy inflicted on the American public by clueless liberals.

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