Daughter Helps Mother Poison Their Family – Killing Father, Brother, Then Doing THIS To Her Sister…

Daughter Helps Mother Poison Their Family – Killing Father, Brother, Then Doing THIS To Her Sister…

This is just hellishly evil. In 2012, a mother enlisted the help of her 25 year-old daughter, Rachel, to poison her husband, her 26 year-old son and her 27 year-old daughter. They slipped anti-freeze into their drinks and almost got away with it until their pastor stepped forward and fingered the mother. The husband died almost immediately. It took her son five months to pass in agony. Her daughter did not die… she’s now physically and mentally impaired and is now in an assisted living facility. Sarah Staudte has severe brain damage thanks to this. The last sister is only 11 and is now in foster care. Diane Staudte killed her husband because she hated him. She killed her son because he was a pest. She tried to kill her daughter because she said she wouldn’t get a job and she had student loans that had to be paid. What a monster.


From the Daily Mail:

A Missouri woman has been sentenced to two life prison terms plus 20 years for helping kill her father and brother by poisoning them with antifreeze in 2012.

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Rachel Staudte teamed up with her mother to poison three family members by putting antifreeze in their drinks in 2012.

The 25-year-old admitted to poisoning her father, Mark Staudte, 61, who died in April 2012 and her brother, Shaun Staudte, 26, who died five months later.

She was sentenced on Tuesday.

Staudte pleaded guilty last May to two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree assault, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Her mother, Diane Staudte, pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in January and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Rachel and Diane Staudte almost got away with murder because of the unique way they killed their family members.

The third family member that the two poisoned was Staudte’s sister, Sarah, 27, who survived being poisoned but suffered serious brain damage, according to prosecutors.

Rachel helped her mother out of fear she claims. I’m not buying it. The mother says she had post traumatic stress disorder. Once again… bull crap. This was sheer hate at work and play. A poem was found in Rachel’s purse that ended with, ‘Only the quiet ones will be left, my mother, my little sister and me’. Rachel got two life sentences plus 20 years. She is eligible for parole after 42 years. Mommy Dearest got life with no possibility of parole. Missouri has the death penalty, they should have used it here. This was premeditated and heinous. Rachel Staudte spoke at sentencing and said that ‘despite the bad, there are those who forgive’. She also apologized for participating in the murders instead of standing up to her mother. She said that she was scared, ‘but being scared is no excuse’. Damned right it isn’t. Both of these women have earned a special place in hell for this.





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