Debbie Schultz’s IT Aide Had Access To ALL Congress Member’s Emails – Sold To Foreign Agents [VIDEO]

Debbie Schultz’s IT Aide Had Access To ALL Congress Member’s Emails – Sold To Foreign Agents [VIDEO]

Can it be true? Has the media finally come around to spending more than 30 seconds reporting on the arrest of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT aide, Imran Awan this past week?

Awan was taken into custody when he was trying escape out of the country to Pakistan. He had just wired almost $300,000 from a House office building to Pakistan and was attempting to carry $12,000 in cash on his person when agents arrested him.

It was first reported by the media that he was arrested for bank fraud, yet the details of the case were left out, specifically if there were other crimes he may have committed. Any evidence or facts they had were greatly tempered down by starting off the explanations with the phrase ‘conservatives say’.

Awan is now on the loose, but with a monitor that the authorities are watching and they even took his passport to prevent him from fleeing. According to some sources though, Awan is still liquidating assets while still here in the United States.

So, what are the authorities really concerned about? You can count bank fraud out…what really has investigators fishing around is the access that he had to the emails and accounts of members of Congress, including most conspicuously Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had been the head of the DNC, as Judge Andrew Napolitano notes in the video below. He was the IT administrator for over a dozen members of Congress, yet what did he even do?

Now we still aren’t sure what Napolitano is basing his statement on, that the FBI is examining Awan for ‘selling secrets’. The investigation is still going on. What concerns investigators is whether or not this man had access to sensitive government files or documents. He had full access to the highest committees and the most delicate intelligence, indeed anything that Wasserman Schultz and the other Democrats had, we know he had.

This could be a huge and devastating blow for the Democrats if any of this comes forward.

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