Details Of The Newly Revealed Allegations Against “Crazed Sex Poodle” Al Gore

Last week, RWN noted that America’s most famous crazed sex poodle, Al Gore, has now been accused of humping the leg of more than one masseuse.

Well today, RWN is bringing you the details, courtesy of the premier publication in America for exposing Democratic sex scandals: The National Enquirer. This is from the print edition:

In the first incident, a source at the hotel told THE ENQUIRER: “Al Gore booked a massage with a female therapist at the rooftop spa of the hotel. The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her. He pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, ‘Take care of this.’

The shocked woman ran out of the room and reported Gore’s behavior to the spa manager. He was ordered to leave the spa and not come back. Hotel management hushed up the incident. Staff were ordered not to talk about it.”

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Contacted by The ENQUIRER, a former executive at the hotel confirmed: “Yes, something happened between Al Gore and a massage therapist at the hotel.

The woman claimed he exposed himself to her and demanded sex. But it was all hushed up. Everyone was warned that if they talked about it, they’d be fired.”

…In the second sensational incident, Gore has been accused of sexually abusing a masseuse in Japan on Nov 18, 2008, The ENQUIRER has learned.

“Gore spoke earlier that day at Keio University in Tokyo,” a source told us.

“He asked hotel staff if it would be possible to have a massage therapist come to his room. But when the woman arrived, it did not take long before she had to get out.

“According to the woman, Gore had been ‘sexually inappropriate’ with her when she began to massage him.

She complained to the hotel staff and told them she was going to the police. However, hotel staff managed to convince her not to.

They say politics is “showbiz for ugly people” and what seems to be happening, if these charges are true, is exactly the sort of disgusting enabling behavior that allows rock stars & actors to get so out of control. They go way over the line, get a pass because of who they are, and over time, go farther and farther because they become convinced they can get away with anything.

In Gore’s case, if he’s under the impression that he’s legally bullet proof because of who he is, this should probably give him some second thoughts,

Portland police questioned former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in San Francisco Thursday regarding renewed allegations that he sexually assaulted massage therapist Molly Hagerty in 2006, according to t-v station KATU.

On July 1, Portland police re-opened their investigation into the red-haired masseuse’s claims that Gore, who was in Portland as part of a global warming speaking tour, attempted to sexually assault her during a massage at the posh downtown Hotel Lucia on Oct. 24, 2006.

Police spokeswoman Mary Wheat refused to disclose the reason behind the case’s re-opening after it was previously closed twice because of insufficient evidence.

But the decision prompting investigators to take a further look came the day after Hagerty revealed her identity to the National Enquirer and claimed to possess forensic evidence that could work in her favor, including a half eaten candy bar and a pair of stained pants from the former Vice President that she reportedly held in a safe deposit box.

Under normal circumstances, it’s hard to imagine Gore being convicted in a he-said/she-said case, but those “stained pants” could be powerful evidence. Gore says nothing happened. She says he tried to sexually assault her. If it turns out that Gore’s carbon credits are all over those pants, he could be in genuine trouble. Incidentally, if the allegations made by the original masseuse, Molly Hagerty, are true, then Al Gore is a creepy and dangerous man who richly deserves to be in jail.

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