Elderly 98 Yr-Old Man Looks Harmless – Facing Prison Time For HEINOUS 73 Yr-Old Secret

Elderly 98 Yr-Old Man Looks Harmless – Facing Prison Time For HEINOUS 73 Yr-Old Secret

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This sweet looking old man recently celebrated his ninety-eighth birthday. He has lived in the United States of America since immigrating to the country in 1949. He is a World War II veteran. He has been a contributing member of society during this time. But recently, some shocking information was discovered concerning his life before coming to America. It turns out he was certainly a veteran of World War II, but that he fought on the wrong side of the war. In fact, recent evidence portrays him as a Nazi who certainly should have been tried for war crimes. Instead he escaped the country and came to America under a false background.

Polish prosecutor Robert Janicki has been leading the search for this man for quite some time. Now he says he is sure he has found the correct person. “All the pieces of evidence interwoven together allow us to say the person who lives in the U.S. is Michael K., who commanded the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion which carried out the pacification of Polish villages in the Lublin region,” Polish prosecutor Robert Janicki said.

Among the war crimes listed is the murder of 44 civilian Poles who were residing in a village that this man and his team attacked during the war. Despite the lack of involvement of the civilians, they were brutally murdered.

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Luckily, he will now be tried and brought to justice. His crimes against humanity are finally being brought to light so that he can be held responsible.

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