Elderly Woman Is Beaten And Head Shaved By Daughter And Granddaughter Because…Football

In the latest disgusting news from the human race, an elderly Pennsylvania woman was chased down, beaten and had her head shaved by her daughter and granddaughter all because she had turned the volume up on the Pittsburgh Steelers game. The incident happened on August 20th as the 77 year-old victim was listening to the Steelers game on the radio in her Youngwood home, minding her own business.

Police say that the elderly woman’s daughter, Delores M. Amorino, 40, was pissed that the game’s volume was so loud and started up an argument with her mom. Amorino’s daughter, Sarah M. Amorino, 17, also felt the need to join the fight, siding with her mother.

As you might have guessed it, the argument became physical fast and police noted that the elderly woman was beaten and her head was shaved as well.

From Breitbart:

“The victim was unhappy with the volume of the TV after the defendants turned the volume low, so the victim locked herself in the bedroom and turned on her radio. The defendants broke the door jam, entered the victim’s room saying, ‘You don’t need to listen to the game,’ and began abusing her,” Trooper Ty Smith said in a police affidavit.

Trooper Smith added that the elderly woman was beaten with a metal-handled broom, and was kicked and punched. The woman was also allegedly choked with a scarf.

The victim was next attacked with scissors.

“Sarah Amorino shaved the victim’s head using scissors and a shaver … also choked the victim using her bare hands, injuring the victim’s neck,” Smith added.

It took the victim a while to finally report the assault she endured and she reported it last Tuesday. She said she was concerned that she might be set upon again, because her daughter and granddaughter threatened her not to tell the police. But police where notified when the victim walked a half mile to get some help.

All while the attackers were sound asleep.

They are now being charged and are awaiting their court date.

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