EXPOSED! Nasty Thing Islamist Did To Elderly Victims, Before Screaming…Guess

EXPOSED! Nasty Thing Islamist Did To Elderly Victims, Before Screaming…Guess

This is becoming an everyday thing now. Attacks by Islamists are now just dirt common… so much so, the media is no longer making excuses for violent Muslims. They aren’t reporting it at all. Which actually should terrify you, because without the voice of the press, you have no idea how bad it is and how much it is spreading.

A 42 year-old Muslim in Cannes attacked 11 elderly people who were there vacationing. He beat on them and threw them in the water. Thankfully, they only sustained minor injuries, but they were very shaken over the encounter. What did the media do? They hushed it up. Free speech and true reporting are dead.


From Pamela Geller:

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Nice Matin is the only newspaper to report about the terrorist attack that occurred Sunday night in Cannes, and was buried in the local News.

Yes Dear readers, media are running out of excuses to protect Islam (lone wolf, relationship issues, despair, mental problems …) and the threw in the towel because terrorist attacks have become commonplace and almost daily.

Facts :

A 42 years Muslim attacked eleven elderly people on the Old Port of Cannes, France, then threw them into the water, shouting Allahu Akbar.

The terrorist – (Nice Matin calls him “homeless” to let you believe that he is a victim of our cruel western society, when in fact he is an extremely aggressive and violent man), attacked a soft target: elderly tourist enjoying their romantic French Riviera holiday.

According to witnesses, the Muslim violently beat his victims, then threw them into the water screaming Allahu Akbar.

As Pamela Geller puts it, silence is sanction. The mental illness meme is no longer working, so we now are experiencing a media blackout. This was a terrorist attack, pure and simple and could have been much, much worse. The media is spinning the guy as a homeless victim. What bullcrap. He’s a violent, hate-filled Jihadist. He sought out the softest targets he could find to attack.

As he violently beat his victims and threw them in the water, he was yelling ‘Allahu Akbar!’ He also viciously attacked firefighters who arrived on the scene to help people at the time. Just the previous week, this guy attacked his mother and neighbor and they let him go. He’s now being charged and is in jail.

With a complicit media, buckle up… there is about to be much, much more of this.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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