Father Charged With Killing Asthmatic Five-Month-Old by Putting Alcohol in His Bottle to Put Him to Sleep While He Was Teething

by Cassy Fiano | May 20, 2015 7:23 am

A crying, teething baby is bound to be frustrating for any parent. But what this father allegedly did to get his baby to go to sleep is despicable.

jorge chiclana[1]

A 22-year-old father has been charged with manslaughter after an autopsy revealed there was a high level of alcohol in the system of his 5-month-old son and that there was also alcohol in his baby bottle.

Jorge Chiclana of Bridgeport, Connecticut appeared in court on Tuesday after a yearlong investigation into the death of son Jacob Isaiah Chiclana last May.

Police say the baby’s mother, who has not been named, claims Chiclana may have given their asthmatic baby alcohol to stop him from teething and help him sleep.

Chiclana’s attorney on Tuesday said his client has a history of substance abuse and mental problems.

Chiclana was arrested on Monday at a motel after police discovered the child’s baby bottle had 25 per cent alcohol, the equivalent of a 50-proof cocktail, according to court documents.

Police began there investigation on May 16, 2014 after receiving a 911 call because the baby had stopped breathing.

Emergency personnel tried to revive the infant and transported him to Norwalk Hospital for treatment, but the baby couldn’t be saved.

Police say post-mortem toxicology tests eventually revealed the high blood-alcohol level of .04.

… The autopsy found that the baby may have died because he was asthmatic and the combination of being placed face down in his crib and being served alcohol could have caused him to suffocate. Alcohol slows the nervous system which can negatively affect breathing.

After discovering the alcohol in the bottle, police went to question the baby’s mother.

She first told authorities she couldn’t remember who prepared the baby’s bottle last May and that she doesn’t keep alcohol in the house.

She later changed her story to say that Chiclana prepared the bottle and that he was not happy about how much attention she was giving to their child.

It seems that it may not have been the smartest decision to leave a baby alone with a man who openly had problems with substance abuse and mental illness. And sadly, when people enable this kind of behavior, it’s not uncommon for an innocent child to pay the price.

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