First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop-killer a ‘martyr’ [VIDEO]

First black Miss Alabama calls Dallas cop-killer a ‘martyr’ [VIDEO]

This woman and everyone else who supports the murder of innocent police officers are absolutely disgusting! She should be stripped of her title IMMEDIATELY!


From Liberty Unyielding:

Judging from information that is now being released about Dallas cop shooter Micah Johnson, he was many things. He was a pervert in the view of his bunkmate in Afghanistan, who told the Daily Beast he was kicked out of the service for stealing panties. He was obviously angry, according to Dallas police, who report having found a “devastating” amount of explosives in his home.

One description of Johnson that might be a little harder to lend credence to is that he was “martyr.” That, sadly, is what Alabama’s first-ever black Miss Alabama winner posted called Johnson in a tearful Facebook video Sunday, in which she also allows as how she isn’t upset about the five police he murdered.

In 1994, Kalyn Chapman James became the first, and so far only, black woman to be crowned Miss Alabama, before going on to a top-10 finish in the Miss America pageant. Today, she works as a TV host in Miami, and awards an annual scholarship to the top black finisher at each year’s Miss Alabama.


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