Florida Looters Raid Sporting Store, Steal Guns, Face Off With SWAT – Dozens Arrested!

by Margaret M. | September 12, 2017 10:55 am


When several natural disasters hit your town, do you:

A) Help your fellow citizen
B) Loot their stores?

We’ve already covered the looters striking after Hurricane Harvey to hilarious results (tip: don’t open fire on firefighters and other emergency service personnel, the police will not take kindly to your choice of target).[2]

And now we’re happy to bring you news that, so far, 32 looters have been arrested in Florida. Of that number, 28 were arrested in Miami. While everyone else was following orders to evacuate, these geniuses stayed back to loot. Two people allegedly stole guns from a sporting goods store in Orlando, which ended in a standoff with a SWAT team. Probably not the adventure they thought they’d have. Videos of roving looters are surfacing all over social media, breaking into deserted stores.

A few years ago during the Ferguson riots, a “large number” of looters were arrested and many of them weren’t even from the town in the first place. These loot crew tourists did particular damage to black-owned businesses in the area, which didn’t do much to defend the rationality that looting was a way to get back at the white man for police violence against black citizens.


Back to Hurricane Irma and Florida. As well as the arrests that have already been made, a utility company near Orlando is also reporting that residents in the area are claiming that looters are posing as utility workers in order to gain access and then rob homeowners at gunpoint.

Here are some photos of looters brazenly breaking into athletic clothing stores. Clearly they’re there looking for food, water and necessities, and not just taking advantage of the fact that the cops are a little busy right now to maintain order.



And here’s a nice family photo of some idiots after being detained by the Miami Police Department after being suspected of looting.


Twitter’s been a great source of news for all this, because most of the coverage on Irma is centered on emergency information and also blaming Trump for causing a natural disaster to emerge from the skies.

Looting isn’t a very safe activity and we at Right Wing News are officially in favor of not breaking into someone else’s property and stealing from them, even if they’re not there at the time. It’s a strong statement for us to make, but darn it, we have to draw the line somewhere.

Right now, Miami-Dade and Monroe County are still under dusk-til-dawn curfew notices and Broward country just lifted their mandatory curfew on Monday. This are to ensure safety as cleanup crews work through the night and they’re probably a quick way to identify people who are up to no good.

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