Gang of pedestrians attack police vehicle, cause $12,000 in damages [VIDEO]

by Frank Lea | October 9, 2016 4:34 am

Cops drove through a crowded area in Fresno, California and that’s when they realized they made a big mistake. As the cops drove by, their vehicle was mobbed by several men who physically assaulted the vehicle while the cops were inside. They hit the vehicle with objects and kicked it. It’s reported that they accumulated about $12,000 in damages[1] during their attack on the police.

Watch the video and see part of the attack.

Three have been arrested. They are Federico Gonzalez, Gabriel DeAnda and Milton Rodriguez. One of the suspects was identified after his fingerprint was lifted off the car and another told officers during an interview he attacked the vehicle to get back at the CHP.

“He admitted to kicking the CHP vehicle and said he did so because he was upset with the CHP because a CHP officer recently towed his vehicle,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer explained.

Dyer said the suspect then told officers he was proud of the damage he caused. Investigators are still looking for a fourth suspect, identified as 19-year old Guadalupe Gonzales. They’re also trying to identify five more people. Some of them could be from the Bay Area.

“There were several other people that were kicking the sides of the CHP vehicle,” Dyer said. “People there were other people that were chanting, yelling, ‘F the police, we run the streets.’

These are the same people who will call the police when one of their gang-banger[2] friends gets shot in a drug dispute. But since these guys are acting tough because their car got towed, now they’re in trouble for causing damage to a police vehicle while acting with violent mob-like behavior.

This gang mentality and f*ck the police[3] nonsense needs to stop. That was cool back when NWA was a hit rap group. But times have changed. Police are the good guys in 99.9% situations. We can’t say 100% because there IS a bad cop here and there, and that’s normal. Everyone knows someone else at work who stinks at their job, right? That applies to the job of law enforcement too.

Instead of letting the cops roll by, these guys got themselves in trouble for no good reason. They could’ve put up a hand gesture or just ignored the police altogether and avoided adding charges to their record.

It does not make any logical sense to get yourself in trouble on purpose.


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