Girl Records Her Rape, Posts Online. Viewers HORRIFIED By What’s In Background

Girl Records Her Rape, Posts Online. Viewers HORRIFIED By What’s In Background

Women who are victims of rape can sometimes find it difficult to bring their attackers to justice. But one girl was seemingly clever enough to use social media to her advantage. And when police were able to view the horrifying footage, they were shocked to realize who was responsible.

Police received a phone call from the concerned friend of a 20 year-old girl, who requested a welfare check. When officers showed up to check on her, they noted that she was intoxicated, but otherwise seemed to be all right. Without seeing any signs of a problem, officers felt that the woman was safe and left.

But the woman’s friend wasn’t going to let the issue go. He contacted police again and this time told them why he was concerned: he had received two Snapchat videos, showing his friend being sexually assaulted. Police then returned to the home, where they arrested James Allen, a 77 year-old man who happened to be the woman’s step-grandfather. Officers immediately arrested Allen.

The story behind the footage isn’t clear. Because the woman was drunk, officers weren’t sure if she had intentionally recorded her sexual assault as a plea for help, or if it was accidental. But regardless of how it came about, “She was able to capture the disturbing incident,” Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler said.

“The most upsetting thing about this is that this is her stepgrandfather,” Meisler said. “He married her biological grandmother. He was the one who provided her with the alcohol that evening.” Allen is currently being held in prison in lieu of $1 million bail.

Readers were horrified at the crime and praised the girl for her quick thinking, which allowed her rapist to be placed behind bars. “I hope they lock him up and throw away the key,” one reader commented on Facebook. “I’m glad she was smart enough to catch it on her phone.”

“How traumatic, that man should be castrated and incarcerated for life,” another person added. “Shame on him. Keep him locked up so he cannot hurt anyone else,” someone else said.

While this girl was able to use social media to her advantage, others have become victims after their attackers used social media as a means of luring young girls. In Kansas City, for example, 20 year-old Ian Smith was arrested after he was caught using social media apps Kik and Chatango to lure a 14 year-old girl from Indianapolis. Smith then drove the girl to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he and 25 year-old Eric Ho raped her. 27 year-old Bryan Otero was charged with helping to plan the assault and filming the rape.

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