GRAPHIC VIDEOS: Cars PlowingThrough Protesters Trying To Block The Road

GRAPHIC VIDEOS: Cars PlowingThrough Protesters Trying To Block The Road

I’ve seen a lot of videos of liberal asshats getting run over because they were illegally blocking the road. They are never ending. You would think they would learn that if you stand in a busy street and you threaten people, you are going to get flattened. But no… they never, ever learn. It’s impressively stupid.

I know some people find the videos amusing… I just find them depressingly predictable. It does not bode well for the human race. But it does bolster my theory that some people should never breed. Hitting someone blocking the road is illegal at any speed. However, blocking the road is also illegal. Some states have now passed laws protecting those that accidentally hit a moron while they are threatening them and their car. I’m all for that… it’s one thing to plow into a crowd at high speed… it’s quite another to slowly try and get through in one piece.

From I Have The Truth:

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Protests are breaking out across the country, as many people who voted for someone other than Trump can’t understand why they don’t always get what they want and think they’re part of a “movement” by protesting the election results.

As infuriating as they may be, sometimes, they make us laugh. Enjoy! Warning: Strong content!
What are the legal ramifications of hitting someone or should I say running someone over that won’t move? It’s illegal I be in the road right?

Obviously going 40 through them is not right but 5mph through them when they won’t move?

Some people don’t care and will just hit them and keep going. Don’t expect sympathy from the police either. Many of the protesters are Black Lives Matter thugs who hate police officers. The brutal truth is that if you think you are making a statement by standing out on a busy street protesting some social justice crap, no one is getting the message. And you risk becoming a human bowling pin. See videos below.

The media loves to tout these stories as if the protesters are innocent and don’t deserve what they get. Those innocent protesters use all kinds of weapons to beat on cars and God-forbid they get one of your doors open. You stand a good chance of being dragged out of your car and getting beaten to death. So, yeah… some might find a bit of humor in these jerks getting hit. I’d feel much better if they were all arrested and thrown in jail for some period of time. Kiddies… this is what happens to leftists who play in the street.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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