GRUESOME: Man Kills Girlfriend, Her Body Is Found In Four Suitcases In A Chicago River

by Scott McKay | September 16, 2015 1:46 pm

In case you’re looking for a particularly awful crime story, we’ve got one to tell you[1]…

The body of a missing Atlanta woman has been found dismembered in Chicago, and now her boyfriend and his brother have been charged with the murder.

The body of Laneesha Miller, 28 – who had been missing since June – was found earlier this week cut up and distributed among four suitcases that were dumped in the Little Calumet River.

Police say her boyfriend, Paul Meyers, 33, allegedly attacked and killed Miller in a jealous rage after discovering she seeing another man.

He is accused of first hitting her with a hammer before choking her to death and disposing of her body with the help of his brother, Arronis Jackson, 44.

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, Meyers listened to a recording on Miller’s cellphone of her talking about sleeping with another man and lashed out at her.

After allegedly hitting her with the hammer, he allegedly choked her to death in his home in the 2700 block of West 84th Place.

Meyers then allegedly wrapped the body in a shower curtain and put in the trunk of his car.

A few days later, Jackson allegedly assisted Meyers in dumping four suitcases in the Little Calumet River.

Miller’s body had been hacked up into pieces.

She was last seen alive on June 21.

On the same day she had called her father in Atlanta to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

Miller said she planned to travel back to her home in Marietta the following day so she could be there for her child’s surgery later in the week, however she never made it.

Meyers apparently didn’t do quite as good a job of covering up his crime as he should have. He threw his blood-stained mattress in a dumpster, where it was found by police along with her jewelry, and he paid someone to clean his bedroom.

The judge didn’t agree to bond for either Meyers or his accomplice.

  1. we’ve got one to tell you:

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