Hackers: We Have Unreleased Hillary E-Mails That Will Finish Her Off

The full impact of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal hasn’t quite been delivered, has it?

So far, we’re only on the edge of speculation as to how deep this mess could actually be, but it’s clear that from what we know Clinton ought to be much more focused on her legal future rather than her political one. Not that her political future is particularly shiny given our current knowledge of what e-mails were housed on her unsecured, homebrewed e-mail server.

But now, the prospect of what we don’t know has arisen. Because many of Clinton’s e-mails still haven’t been released; those are the ones she refused to turn over to the State Department and alleged that they were “personal.” There are hackers who say they’ve accessed those e-mails, and could destroy her with their release

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A self-proclaimed hacker is looking to sell an unreleased trove of Hillary Clinton’s private emails for $500,000, according to RadarOnline.

The anonymous “computer specialist” claims to be in possession of 32,000 emails from Clinton’s private server that were retrieved because, according to the site’s source, “Hillary or someone from her camp erased the outbox containing her emails, but forgot to erase the emails that were in her sent box.”

“If these emails get out to the public domain, not only is Hillary finished as a potential Presidential nominee, she could put our country’s national security at risk,” the person said.

RadarOnline posted several of the “subject lines” of the alleged emails, which make references to Libya:

“H Libya security latest. Sid” (with attachment) “H FYI, best analysis so far of hearing Sid,’ about the latest security in Libya” “H Algeria latest French Intel on Algeria hostage Sid” “H Latest French Intel in Algeria hostage Sid” (with attachment) “H Latest Libya intel internal govt discussions high level” (with attachment) “H HIGHLY IMPORTANT! Comprehensive Intel Report on (with attachment)”

Rush Limbaugh said yesterday he was tempted to pay the half-million, buy the emails and donate them to the FBI.

Michael Cantrell at Young Conservatives said it would pay to temper the enthusiasm here, but not too much

Keep in mind the claims of this hacker haven’t been verified, so this could be some dude just trying to blow smoke up everyone’s backsides. On the other hand, would it really be all that shocking if this chap really did have some dirt on Hillary?

It seems like there’s no shortage of it around these days.

Clinton has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s one of the most corrupt political figures in our nation’s history, and as such, is unfit for duty as president.

Her own party doesn’t trust her, and no one else should either.

If Hillary wants an office so badly, I think we should oblige by giving her accommodations in a federal prison, because it’s becoming clearer by the day that this is where she truly belongs.



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