Horrible: A Female patient with brain injury raped at New York hospital

by McIntosh | September 5, 2017 1:29 am

When choosing a doctor, we all try to select the one that will be the best for ourselves, or our families. We have preferences and being able to communicate with your doctor about the most intimate portions of your health is imperative. You need to be able to trust your doctor and trust that the hospital you have given your life over to, is as safe as your own home.

But what if that hospital that you knew and trusted, violated you in the most horrific and criminal way?


There is now a female patient who suffers from a severe brain injury who has now claimed that she was raped while incapacitated during a stay at a New York City hospital. The police have now claimed that a nurse who was on duty was in the middle of her rounds, checking up on all of her assigned patients when she came upon one female patient who was stricken and unable to move. When this nurse entered the room, she soon found a horrific crime taking place. She discovered Keith Nembhard in the middle of sexually assaulting this 32 year-old woman who was suffering from a brain injury.

This all occurred earlier this month.

Nembhard is the 37 year-old attacker who, as it stands, had some type of relationship with the victim, as they both knew who each other were. The nurse soon contacted the police and they were there soon to arrest the man and charge him with second degree rape. Due to the injuries that were sustained by the patient, police knew that she was in no condition to give any sort or consent and were confident that Nembhard should be brought up on charges.


If you remember though, this is the same hospital that was the site of a murder-suicide shooting earlier this year. It was back in June that a discontented former doctor who used to work at this particular hospital, went on a shooting spree and killed one and injured six others right before he turned the gun on himself, taking his own life like a coward.

This hospital is of course, the Bronx-Lebanon hospital, where Dr. Henry Bello was the ex-family physician who made the decision to fire upon innocent people.

What are the chances that this hospital becomes the target of another PR mess? Not only was the shooting incredibly horrifying, but now, it looks as if this hospital is unable to keep its patients safe from rapists. Now, that is just what a media standpoint would be, whether the hospital is at any fault for this, we shall see.

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