HORRIBLE: Mother Raped Her 3 Children For Money While Adults Watched

HORRIBLE: Mother Raped Her 3 Children For Money While Adults Watched

How could any mother do this to her children?

Natalie Webb30 year old Natalie Webb is currently behind bars being held on $2 million bond–the judge wanted to make sure the woman would be in court to pay for her crimes. She is charged with sexual abuse of children under 12, and child neglect.

Webb’s children gave their own accounts of the situation in an affidavit obtained by The Huffington Post. The children’s testimony informed police of the, “repeated rapes, beatings and deplorable living conditions,” the kids were subject to.

The woman’s four children— ages nine, eight, three and three—all gave their statement, but the most information come from the eldest, 9 year old son. In it he tells that although he was able to escape sexual abuse, his younger siblings weren’t so fortunate. The 9 year old explained that he was only able to escape being raped by his mother when he ran out of the house, and hid in a dumpster.

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He informed authorities that his mother repeatedly raped his three siblings while other adults looked on. He went on to even recall hearing the screams of his sisters as his mother completed the obscene tasks sometimes involving foreign objects. The son even hinted that the mother may have been doing it for money.

Webb’s three year old daughter corroborated the story of her old brother saying that what her mother did to her made her feel, “nasty.”

Children’s testimony also revealed that the mother may have been accepting meth from the despicable spectators as payment and selling it–or smoking it herself–a while later. After all, Webb herself admitted to using Meth, but the children insist that they saw needles throughout the house on a regular basis.

…Now Webb did admit to doing meth and selling her food stamps for the drug as well, but denies that she ever abused her children or did any drug that involved needles. She even went as far to offer taking polygraph which police obliged. She, of course, failed the polygraph and told police that, “Somebody hurt ‘em. I’m supposed to protect my kids.” Officer Steve Bonds, of the Beckham County Sheriff’s Office was quick to respond saying, “Natalie, you didn’t.”

Can children ever truly recover from their mother doing something like this to them? I don’t know. I only hope with enough therapy, prayers and love these children can heal and have decent lives. As to the mother, I suspect that she’ll be living a special kind of hell when she gets off of meth and has to face a long, long stint of time in jail to think about what she did to her own children.

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