HORROR: 4 Yr-Old Girl Raped By 12 Yr-Old Brother, Bribed With Candy To Keep Quiet [VIDEO]

by Cassy Fiano | September 13, 2017 7:12 pm

Rape is already a terrible enough crime — but when it happens to a child, it’s unthinkable. One girl in the United Kingdom was tragically a victim of rape and it was at the hands of her own half-brother. And in court, her comments brought everyone to tears.


The unnamed girl from Brighton is now five years-old. At four, she was raped by her twelve year-old half-brother, who bribed her with Skittles to keep her quiet. According to the girl, she was raped repeatedly during a “hide and seek” game with the boy.

Despite being bribed with candy to keep quiet, the girl didn’t keep the secret. She demonstrated on a doll how she had been raped and her mother reported it to authorities. But the court process and delays in hearings caused the family to have to wait over a year and a half, which her mother said caused even more trauma to her little girl.

“I saw what I can only describe as shadow come across my child’s face,” her mother said in a statement to the court. “That shadow returns every time his name is mentioned. She was waking five times a night with night terrors. She still wakes crying and calling to me. She has suffered separation anxiety. She panics if I leave her for even a couple of minutes, if I just move into a different room. It has been devastating to witness her distress. She had to be prepared for a day in court and had to relive her trauma. This was harrowing. She cries for half an hour and won’t let me cuddle or comfort her.”

“At one stage she cried uncontrollably for 45 minutes. Sometimes she says ‘How do I stop crying Mummy? Help me, help me,'” she continued. “”Unfortunately I know there will be more difficult times to come. Long term she will have to deal with the repercussions of her traumatic experiences for the rest of her life. I’m so scared for her future. Even once the court process is over this goes on for her. As a mother I find this totally terrifying.”

Originally, the boy — now 14 — denied raping the little girl. But halfway through his trial, he changed his plea and admitted his guilt, with one count of rape and sexual assault. He was also found guilty of a second rape.

The boy will be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court next month and District Judge Tereza Szagun is calling for a harsher sentence than 24 months, which is the maximum sentence the youth courts can give. He is currently released on bail.

People reacted with shock to the story, wondering how a 12 year-old would even know how to do something like that. “I can’t understand how a 12 year-old would even know how to do this! What have they been taught/watching/reading? It is beyond disturbing,” one person asked. “Done it once he’ll do it again,” another added. “12 or not, 2 year sentence is nowhere near long enough, even 20 years probably wouldn’t be enough. This might sound harsh the mother needs to turn her back on the boy and concentrate on her daughter.”

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