Husband Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse After His Four Young Sons Were So Neglected They Could Only Speak in Grunts

Husband Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse After His Four Young Sons Were So Neglected They Could Only Speak in Grunts

Some people clearly should not be allowed to have children. Lorinda Bailey and Wayne Sperling are two of them, whose children were so neglected that they didn’t know how to eat and could only speak in grunts.

wayne sperling

Wayne Sperling, 67, could spend up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced on December 30. He also faced other charges, but these were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea.

He and his wife, Lorinda Bailey, were both charged after their sons, aged two to six, were found in sickening living conditions in their apartment last October.

The abuse was revealed when an emergency room doctor, who was treating the youngest boy for a cut to his forehead, noticed that he was unwashed, smelled of cigarettes and had bruises consistent with pinching.

Authorities discovered Sperling, his 36-year-old wife and the boys living in an apartment filled with cat feces, urine and flies across every surface inside the house.

Prosecutors say it one of the most horrific cases they’ve ever seen, but the state’s child abuse laws kept them from pursuing harsher penalties because the boys did not suffer serious physical injuries.

… After they were rescued and given bagged lunches to eat, the boys acted as if they hadn’t seen normal food before, Detective Teresa Gessler testified in Bailey’s case.

They patted the sandwiches and played with the apples and after an adult mimed eating an apple to encourage them to eat, they licked the fruit, she said.

When the boys were placed with the foster mother, prosecutor Bonnie Benedetti said, they did not know how to dress themselves.

Benedetti said they are still not all toilet-trained and their snack cupboard has to be kept locked to prevent them from hoarding food.

… The couple, who have a 30-year age gap, lost custody of other children amid similar allegations in October 2006, after passers-by reported two young children playing in the street.

The children mostly grunted and pointed to communicate, and officers found a home full of trash and rotten food.

Despite that horrific abuse, Bailey only received a 90 day sentence, and Sterling is looking at up to seven years — that’s it. And it’s not the first time this has happened, either, proving that there is a serious problem with our judicial system.

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