Illegal Confesses to Drowning Her Two Young Sons In a Bathtub Because She Was Worried About Deportation [VIDEO]

Illegal Confesses to Drowning Her Two Young Sons In a Bathtub Because She Was Worried About Deportation [VIDEO]

It’s understandable that someone would want to come to the United States, especially if they live in a war-torn or dangerous country. For them, the United States is a beacon of freedom and opportunity — and so many people risk everything to move here, with some doing so illegally. And this then means that they are desperate to avoid deportation. But one mother took that desperation way too far.

30 year-old Kula Pelima is a Liberian immigrant who came to the United States in 1997, who has been living in Delaware. Pelima did not immigrate here legally, however. And when she thought that she might be discovered, she took drastic action.

Pelima was the biological mother to Solomon, a three month-old baby, and stepmother to Alex, who was five. Her boyfriend, Victor Epelle, is father to both boys. Earlier this month, Epelle, who is a Nigerian national, was arrested by ICE agents and is currently imprisoned in Pennsylvania. This led Pelima to fear that she would be deported. And for unimaginable reasons, she chose to kill the two boys because of that fear.

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The day of the murders, she called police at 3:46 am, telling them she was scared she would be deported because her visa had lapsed. Police came to her home and reassured her that she was safe and that no one was coming for her. They saw Alex, who was awake and safe at the time.

But then, five hours later, she called police back and confessed to drowning both children. She told police when they arrived that they could find the boys upstairs in the bathroom and then explained how she killed them. Pelima said that she first took Solomon and dropped him into the bathtub, plugged the drain and then turned the water on. She then assaulted Alex, took him into the same bathtub and held him under water until he stopped moving.

One of her neighbors was shocked to hear of what had happened. “She seemed like a happy parent,” Aunjea Daniels said. “She was usually uplifting. She seemed happy and her children were well-groomed. I would have never thought she would do something like this.”

According to Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy, she did it because of the lapsed visa, saying, “She was concerned about her immigration status.” Pelima’s bond was set at $2 million and she is currently being held at the Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution. She has been charged with first degree murder of both boys.

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