It’s Really Too Bad We Can’t Publicly Horsewhip People Like This Anymore

by John Hawkins | March 7, 2012 5:12 am

Some human beings — Larry Flynt, the God Hates [email protected] gang, and NAMBLA come immediately to mind — are so loathsome, depraved, disgusting that you just naturally recoil from them like you do from a rotten piece of meat with maggots in it.

The pieces of human garbage at Seeking Arrangement produce the same sort of reaction.

I first heard of this site because they tried to advertise with me on Right Wing News a couple of times — at least, I think it was them because the moment I figured out what they were, I immediately rejected their ad and didn’t pay that much attention to them.

Long story short, they’re a “sugar daddy” dating website. In other words, they run a “dating service” that puts together “sugar daddies” with young women. Put another way, they’re facilitating prostitution through a website like Match. These guys are following in the footsteps of the much better known Ashley Madison dating service, which is a dating service for people who are married and want to have an affair.

Well, today the human garbage at Seeking Arrangement, not to be confused with the human garbage at Ashley Madison, sent out a press release offering to be a sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh show. It was a press release designed to draw attention and undoubtedly, they’ll be happy that people are talking about their website.

Yet and still, my first thought after reading the release was that when this country had a better, more moral class of people in it, people running something like this would probably be dragged into the street by a mob and publicly horsewhipped before they were tarred and feathered and dropped off at the Mexican border. It’s genuinely too bad that we can’t get away with doing that today because these are sick, revolting, evil people living evil lives, and trying to make money by convincing other people to do evil things.

This sort of behavior goes beyond the bounds of human decency and we shouldn’t tolerate it in our society. The fact that sites like this can exist and thrive without everyone participating or running them becoming pariahs says something terrible about our country.

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