What We Learned About James Alex Fields Jr. Who Plowed Protesters in Charlottesville [VIDEO]

What We Learned About James Alex Fields Jr. Who Plowed Protesters in Charlottesville [VIDEO]

On August 12th, there was a clash between two violent groups in the streets of Charlottesville, VA. One one side, you had neo-Nazis who were marching under the guise of wanting to protest the removal of a Civil War monument and on the other side, you had the counter-protesters, who were basically a mix of left-leaning groups like BLM, Antifa and other assorted liberals who wanted to make their voices heard.

Once the violence started, it was difficult to stop and culminated in people being run over by a grey Dodge Charger. One woman died and many others were injured in this gruesome attack that has been labeled as nothing less than domestic terrorism.

James Alex Fields Junior, center

The driver of that car has been identified as James Alex Fields Jr., 20, who is in custody under a list of charges including second-degree murder in the death of Heather Heyer, 32, who passed away after being struck by the Charger on Saturday.

So, who is this little punk? Well, first of all, his mother believed that he was going to a pro-Trump rally and when confronted with accusations over James’ behavior, she expressed nothing less than genuine disbelief. I couldn’t imagine what she was feeling when she was told that her son is being charged with murder after driving his car into a crowd of protesters.

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According to his mother, James Alex Fields Jr. had lived with her until recently, but didn’t realize that he was a white supremacist.

“Like I said, I don’t really talk to him about his political views. He just — so I don’t really understand what the rally was about or anything, so… I just know there was — he did mention it was ‘albright’? What is it? Al–?”

She had texted him the night before the rally to make sure he had dropped his cat off at her apartment in anticipation of his plans for the next day. She told him to be safe and to protest peacefully. He did not.

In a painfully ironic twist, Fields’ father was killed by a drunk driver months before the boy was born. His uncle had very little contact with him, but described him as “not really friendly, more subdued.”

The woman he killed with his vehicle, Heather Heyer, was a 32 year-old paralegal, who was crossing the street with a group of people who were carrying LGBT flags and Black Lives Matter signs. She was struck and killed by Fields.

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