Justice Dept. Expected To File No Charges Against Police Officer Darren Wilson

by William Teach | January 22, 2015 8:34 am

Nor should they

(NY Times[1]) Justice Department lawyers will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against the police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., after an F.B.I. investigation found no evidence to support charges, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and his civil rights chief, Vanita Gupta, will have the final say on whether the Justice Department will close the case against the officer, Darren Wilson. But it would be unusual for them to overrule the prosecutors on the case, who are still working on a legal memo explaining their recommendation.

I love the way the Associate Press puts this

(WRAL[2]) Wilson, who shot Brown after a scuffle in the middle of a street, told the St. Louis County grand jury that spent months reviewing the case that he feared for his life during the confrontation and that Brown struck him in the face and reached for his gun. Some witnesses have said Brown had his hands up when Wilson shot him.

A “scuffle”? There was no scuffle. It’s a strange way to term what they go on to write, namely that Michael Brown was a violent criminal, who had just strong arm stolen cigars, attacked a police officer in his car, attempted to take his service weapon, ran away when the weapon was discharged, then turned around, taunted the officer, failed to follow the officer’s directions, then charged him, and was shot dead.

Anyhow, back to the NY Times

But a broader Justice Department civil rights investigation into allegations of discriminatory traffic stops and excessive force by the Ferguson Police Department remains open. That investigation could lead to significant changes at the department, which is overwhelmingly white despite serving a city that is mostly black.

It’s strange that an area that is full of Democrat voters who vote almost solely for Democrats (St. Louis city went almost 83% for Obama in 2012 and voted for Democrat Lacy Clay 73% in 2014) has so many violence and civil rights issues, eh? Of course, this is forgotten by Liberal nuts, such as ultra white Melissa McEwan at Shakesville[3]

Black lives matter. Black lives have to matter to people in positions of power, to people empowered with making decisions about which lives matter under the law.

Of course, there are pesky laws about not stealing, don’t walk in the middle of the street, do not attack police officers in their cars and try and take their weapons, follow commands, and don’t charge them.

The commenters at Daily Kos[4] are going full force barking moonbat. Yet, interestingly, few, if any, of them would willingly live in a place like Ferguson, a rathole of liberal creation. An will all be Very Upset if they are the victim of a crime and a police officer doesn’t appear within seconds of calling.

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