How did a killer sneak three deadly weapons into a concert? [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 12, 2016 10:25 am

Fans are grieving today[1] after the murder of Christina Grimmie, a singer who came to fame on The Voice. Grimmie had been signing autographs outside after her concert when she was struck down. Kevin James Loibl approached her and she welcomed him as she did all her fans, with a smile and open arms. He shot her three times – they say he fired five times. Christina never had a chance and later died at the hospital she was rushed to. The question is, how did the killer sneak three deadly weapons into the concert? Easy, he carried them on his person. The security was not armed and only checked bags going into the venue. There were no metal detectors. The combination of those factors resulted in Grimmie’s death.


From NY Daily News:

Around 120 people were in the theater when Loibl shot Grimmie. Mina said the death toll could have been worse were it not for Grimmie’s brother. “Very heroic actions by Marcus Grimmie to jump in and it definitely could have prevented further loss of life,” Mina said.

The venue had no metal detectors, and the unarmed security staff only inspected concertgoers’ bags.

Why was the bad guy the only one armed here? And I thought metal detectors were standard these days. Marcus Grimmie, 23, gallantly threw himself at the crazed shooter, Kevin Loibl, who showed up at her post-concert autograph session in Orlando Friday night packing two handguns, a large hunting knife and two loaded magazines. Loibl traveled to the concert specifically to kill Christina. He had planned to return home, but when he was tackled, he made the decision to end his own life as well. Grimmie did not know her attacker and never saw this coming. I believe the venue should be held partially responsible for this… with guards that are unarmed and no metal detectors, they are culpable here. In the end, the shooter is the only one to blame really, but he should never have had the chance to do what he did.




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