LAPD Investigating Hollywood Pedophile Ring [VIDEO]

LAPD Investigating Hollywood Pedophile Ring [VIDEO]

It has now been confirmed that the LAPD are actively investigating the longtime rumor of a pedophile ring running out of Hollywood circles, now that Corey Feldman has filed a police report that gives the identities of the men Feldman said were his sexual abusers when he was a child actor. Feldman has been ringing the bell on his abusers for years, especially after the death of his cohort Corey Haim, who died in 2010. A reality TV show starring the two was produced in 2007 by A&E called The Two Coreys and included a scene where Haim confronted Feldman, saying that Feldman knew that he was being abused for years while they were working together and that Feldman did nothing.

A spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed to media that Feldman had filed a report, that they are investigating the report, and that they had no other comment.

Feldman posted on Twitter that he completed a “formal sit down interview” with the LAPD, saying that they will now “begin an official investigation.”

A few weeks ago we reported on an interview between Feldman and Megyn Kelly on NBC, where he claims that at the time, the Santa Barbara police did nothing with the information he gave to the police about Michael Jackson, saying that when they interrogated him about Jackson in 1993, they tried to convince him that Jackson was a pedophile. Feldman said no, he’s not, and when he gave them the names of the people who had molested him, they did nothing with the information, saying that it was not their area and it happened “outside of [their] community.”

Feldman claimed on Twitter that there were no records taken by the SBPD of his 1993 complaint.

Recently, appearing on the Dr. Oz show, Feldman named two of the men whose names he gave to the police: His former assistant, Jon Grissom, and the talent manager (and convicted sex offender) Marty Weiss.

In the Kelly interview, he claimed that just in the last few weeks since he again has been receiving attention over his claims after the fallout from Harvey Weinstein, he’s both been arrested and someone tried to kill him “the other day,” stating that he’s worried about his own safety and that he fears for his life, describing two trucks that both sped up when he was crossing a street.

Here’s a one minute clip from the recent show where Feldman appeared on Dr. Oz to explain the contact he had with the Santa Barbara Police Department:

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