Lesbian Couple Beats And Tortures 5 Yr-Old Son For Years – So Badly He’s Had 2 Strokes [VIDEO]

Lesbian Couple Beats And Tortures 5 Yr-Old Son For Years – So Badly He’s Had 2 Strokes [VIDEO]

Two lesbians have been convicted of torturing the five year-old son of one of the women. The boy had been beaten so badly that he suffered two strokes from the beatings.

The lesbian couple included Rachel Stevens, 28, the boy’s mother and Rachel’s partner Kayla Jones, 25, who was the boy’s “stepmother.” The two women, from Muskogee, Oklahoma, have been sentenced to twenty years in jail for their crimes.

Doctors report that the boy had suffered months of abuse. Police only became involved in the situation when the child was transferred from a clinic in Muskogee to one in Tulsa because of the injuries on his face and the seizures. Doctors in Tulsa were suspicious of his injuries and determined that it was abuse and not the unknown ailment as claimed by the lesbians.

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At the time, Rachel and Kayla had even set up a GoFundMe page to help them raise money to pay for the boy’s care.

When the officers arrested the two on charges of abuse, their court documents showed that the child had been on different occasions tied up, confined with duct tape, locked in a small room for extended periods of time and that both women would beat him with a belt. The child reported that his mother had smashed his hand with a hammer and that Kayla would kick him in the groin until he bled.

Here’s a June 2016 news report that was released when the two women were first arrested.

Usually the parents who are doing this to their children are unhinged and the kid just happens to be the easier target. Ashley Reichard, who as a 26 year-old mother, took her 11 month-old daughter to the hospital with skull fractures and a broken femur, claiming that it was the child’s father that injured her. The police ruled this out and later found Reichard had shaved her head and claimed to be suffering from ovarian cancer.

Wayne Sperling, 67, and his wife Lorinda Bailey, 36, were charged when their four sons under the age of six were found to be in an apartment filled with cat feces and flies. When the kids were rescued, they were unable to understand the bagged lunches they were given by social services, as if they had no experience with normal food. An adult tried to mime eating one of their apples and the boys licked theirs, because in their life they had no idea what to do with an apple. Same with the sandwiches, which they patted instead of eating. Their foster mother reported that the boys were unable to dress themselves and were not all toilet trained.

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