Lesbian Waitress Who Lied About Her Tip May Be About To Lose Her Job & Be Prosecuted For Fraud

by John Hawkins | December 3, 2013 6:00 am

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person[1].

lying waitress?[2]

After a couple came forward with evidence that they had not stiffed Bridgewater, N.J. waitress Dayna Morales on her tip or left her an anti-gay note, the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant has reported that Morales is not working at the restaurant, pending the completion of an investigation.

“Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while we are still working to complete our investigation,” the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant posted on its Facebook page, New Jersey 101.5 reported.

Meanwhile, USA Today reported that acquaintances and colleagues have come forward to reveal that Morales, 22, has a history of lying. They said they were suspicious of Morales’ story about the check, since she had altered the truth in the past.

Morales once said she had shaved her head because she had brain cancer, and then changed her story to say that a friend had brain cancer. After Hurricane Sandy, she said a boat had gone through her family’s home, but when co-workers came by to check on her the house had suffered only minor damages. No boat was in sight.

…Kerry Lawrence, a former federal prosecutor and White Plains criminal defense lawyer, told WTSP that Morales could face criminal fraud charges if it is proven that she made money off of what looks like a hoax. If she donated all the proceeds (Morales posted that she was donating to the Wounded Warrior project), she would most likely not be prosecuted.

If she’s guilty and she kept the money that was sent to her, she not only deserves to lose her job, she deserves to go to jail.

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