LIBERAL “Ferguson” Filmmaker Gets BUSTED Lying On LIVE TV – Completely LOSES His Mind Over It! [VIDEO]

LIBERAL “Ferguson” Filmmaker Gets BUSTED Lying On LIVE TV – Completely LOSES His Mind Over It! [VIDEO]

Talk about freaking UNHINGED! Director Jason Pollock literally came unglued with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum over his new documentary film on Ferguson. In it, he puts forth that Michael Brown was dealing drugs in the convenience store that he is accused of robbing later in the day. Somehow in his warped mind, this exonerates Brown and proves that Officer Darren Wilson was guilty of wrongfully shooting Brown. What bull crap. There is video showing Brown robbing the store. Regardless, dealing drugs is also a crime and it does not negate the fact that Brown charged Wilson, who shot him in self defense.

Pollock starts shouting and screaming at MacCallum from the very start. He wags his finger over and over and basically calls her a liar. What an asshat. What a jerk. This is what unrestrained liberalism does to your brain… it melts it and turns it to mush. What it comes down to is this guy hates cops – a lot. He accuses them of getting away with deadly force every single time. Anyone with any sense knows that is just an outrageous lie. He went into a massive rant about how Brown was shot and leveled blame at St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch. Pollock made an absolute fool of himself on national TV. Well done.


From the Conservative Tribune:

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A liberal filmmaker went stark raving mad on Fox News Monday night, proving to the world how dangerous liberalism can be.

Director Jason Pollock appeared in an interview with host Martha MacCallum to discuss his new documentary “Stranger Fruit,” which explored alleged “new” video footage of Michael Brown inside a convenience store earlier in the early morning hours of the day he was fatally shot in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

In the video Brown can be seen attempting to deal drugs in the same store where he committed a strong-arm robbery later in the day, shortly before his fatal encounter with Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson.

Pollack’s movie argues that the tape absolves Brown because it showed him engaging in a drug deal instead of stealing.

MacCallum questioned how this footage exonerated Brown and proved any wrongdoing by Wilson.

Pollock wasted no time getting angry and red-faced, making all kinds of allegations that began with blaming how the “system works” for allowing police officers to “get off every single time.”

Pollock also said that “there are some people in America with so much bias inside of them that they just want to think Michael Brown is a bad guy.” Well dude… that’s because he was a bad guy. Let’s see… he dealt drugs, check. He robbed a store, check. He charged a police officer, check. How do you get that he was some kind of martyred saint?

This guy is digging up an event that was pretty cut and dried. Wilson wound up losing his job over doing his duty. He could of wound up dead. This is where the fake meme of ‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ comes from. That was a lie and so is this film. Brown was not a good guy, Wilson is. This idiot is just trying to dredge up a combative issue to be in the limelight. Pollock needs to be sent packing and MacCallum handled him perfectly.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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