Liberal NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio May Face Criminal Charges

Liberal NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio May Face Criminal Charges

Imagine that… commie Bill de Blasio is in trouble with the law. Two separate investigations are reportedly about to nail his ass. There were originally five investigations… I guess only two panned out. De Blasio is currently facing two separate grand juries in Manhattan. One federal and one state and testimonies have begun concerning his political fundraising and pay-to-play schemes. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! His best bud, Hillary Clinton. They say he granted political favors for contributions to his mayoral campaign in 2013. I’m so not shocked… this was a foregone conclusion.

It’s not clear whether de Blasio will actually be criminally charged, but this grand jury activity indicates that could be the case. This all started in April, but the media hasn’t reported on it much. They’d rather harass Trump. I think they are moving closer and closer to one or more indictments… they would most likely be against de Blasio’s closest aides.


From Breitbart:

Two separate grand juries in Manhattan, one federal and one state, have reportedly started hearing testimonies relating to criminal investigations into Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign fundraising with possible pay-to-play violations.

According to the New York Times, these grand jury actions represent “the strongest indication” yet that indictments could be forthcoming.

The Times wrote, “[i]t was unclear whether either inquiry would result in criminal charges against the mayor, but the grand jury activity appeared to be the strongest indication since the investigations came to light in April that prosecutors may be moving closer to one or more indictments, possibly against some of Mr. de Blasio’s closest aides,” including his “top political aide” Emma Wolfe and his finance director Ross Offinger.

The information was provided “on the condition of anonymity because grand jury proceedings are secret,” wrote the Times. The testimonies were reportedly given by former or current city officials who are knowledgable about at least one of the incidents involving potential pay-to-play behaviors.

It is alleged at the state level that de Blasio and his aides funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars through upstate New York county committees and passed it through to Democratic candidates during the party’s unsuccessful bid to regain control of the State Senate from Republicans in 2014. This violates state election law and is a no no. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. is reportedly conducting the state inquiry.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara instigated the federal investigation. He’s looking at whether de Blasio or his aides gave political favors in exchange for contributions. What do you expect from a commie like Bill de Blasio? He’s corrupt and has been his whole life. This is the true face of the Democratic Party. I really hope they convict him on this. It’s long overdue.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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