Lurking Mother Kills Both Sons Age 7 And 5 As They Walk In From School – Days After Her Baptism

by McIntosh | October 15, 2017 1:39 am

There is just no explaining some grotesque tragedies that happen in this life. It all may seem like everything is just fine, until something happens to just rip your life apart and everyone is left in the wake wondering the only question that matters.



Only a few days after stepping into the waters of baptism, a mother of two small boys shot and killed them as they came through the front door returning from school. She then turned the gun on herself, leaving behind a destroyed husband and father, as well as community.

It was October 6th when Esbeidi Sanchez made the decision to wait for her two young sons to come through the door and savagely end their lives. The 25 year-old mother knew what she was doing, because she left behind a suicide note, pouring into details about ‘hardships’. Though a note like that is supposed to bring some kind of closure for those left behind, this one did not. According to the police, there was no indication as to why she murdered her sons as well and that’s the worst part of this

The oldest child, Ronaldinio ‘Ronny’ Ramirez-Sanchez was the first to be shot. The 7 year-old died immediately. His little brother, 5, was next, but was only critically injured at the time, before she turned the gun on herself.


Thomas Sanchez was the horrified husband and father who came home from work later that day to discover the nightmarish scene in his own home. He rushed and called 911.

‘Angel’ Ramirez-Sanchez, the brother who was in severe condition was airlifted to the hospital, but it was too late. He was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. The Pastor who baptized Esbeidi just a few days before was John Smith, head of the First Baptist Church in Malone. He told local media that he and the community were deeply disturbed by the news:

“Everybody’s flabbergasted. She was a very beautiful lady and seemed like she had a real sweet personality. She didn’t indicate that anything was wrong whatsoever.”

Police commented on the suicide note that was left. Capt. Scott Edwards said:

“The note that she left does indicate that this is what she wanted to do. Basically it was describing some incidents that occurred in her past that probably led up to this. It mentions the kids, but it doesn’t mention why she would do that to the kids. It’s probably one of the things we’ll never know.”

Tragic. Just completely tragic.

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