Man Films Doing The Unthinkable To A Toddler In Motel Room- Shares It With Friends Online, Now…

by McGuire | February 18, 2016 2:02 pm

There’s sick, and then there’s probably-doesn’t-deserve-to-breathe-anymore[1] sick. This guy has somehow managed to become both kinds before the age of 30.


From The Daily Mail:

A former coast guard who was convicted of making sexually-explicit videos of children has pleaded guilty to raping a toddler in a motel room while filming the attack.

Eric Devin Masters, 29, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, admitted three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct during an appearance at Kent County Circuit Court.

Masters is already in jail serving a 50 year sentence for a previous charge of sexually exploiting children.

But when investigators started to probe the case, they learned that Masters had raped an 18-month-old girl on Christmas Day in 2011 and recorded it on video.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the video showed the 29-year-old engage in multiple sex acts with the toddler, who at times was tied to the bed.

Judge Mark Trusock accepted the guilty pleas on five felony charges and Masters answered ‘yes sir’ when asked if the facts of each assault was true.

He is due back before the court on March 17, where he will be sentenced, with first-degree criminal sexual conduct punishable by up to life in prison.

Last year, Masters received a 50-year prison term when he was convicted of producing child pornography of three young girls, aged 18 months to 12 years old.

FBI investigators found that over the course of five years, Masters molested five young girls in five West Michigan counties.

After sentencing, the mothers of two of the victims in the federal case spoke out, describing emotionally the pain Masters put them and their children through.

During his case Masters also addressed the court and said he was ‘feeding an addiction’ that he could not stop.

I can’t bring myself to feel bad for an “addict” who intentionally ruined the lives of multiple children before they even really started. 50 years in prison is much nicer than what he would have gotten from me.

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