Man Jailed for Three Years After Putting His Girlfriend’s Two-Year-Old Son in a 180F Clothes Dryer

Man Jailed for Three Years After Putting His Girlfriend’s Two-Year-Old Son in a 180F Clothes Dryer

Adam Morton was sentenced to a mere three years after tossing his girlfriend’s two-year-old son into a dryer, which allegedly reached temperatures around 180 degrees. The child suffered second-degree burns and developed blisters on his feet.


From The Daily Mail:

A New Hampshire man who put his girlfriend’s two-year-old son in a running clothes dryer, leaving him seriously burned, has been jailed for three years.

Adam Morton, 28, of Berlin, New Hampshire, was taking care of the boy in August 2014 while his 24-year-old partner was at work.

But instead of caring for the child, he shoved the youngster into a clothes dryer that was already running producing scorching heat at levels close to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

The youngster suffered second-degree burns on his arms and back as well as burns and blisters to his feet after being put inside the laundry drum.

His burns were in a distinct pattern that matched the drum of the dryer.

He also had bruises all over his body and cuts that matched bolts on the inside of the appliance, according to court documents.

Police seized the dryer and through testing determined it could quickly reach temperatures of up to 180 degrees in just three minutes.

He was rushed to the emergency room at Eastern Maine Medical Center after his mother returned home around 4pm and found him with the gruesome injuries.

She reportedly told police that she had only been dating Morton for a short time after splitting from the father of her four children but did not believe he was a violent man.

Morton claimed he put his girlfriend’s toddler in the dryer for just one revolution.

However, investigators determined that the boy was in the dryer for a prolonged period.

Dr Lawrence Ricci, who conducted his own forensic examination of the boy concluded ‘there were lesions on the lower back that looked like they could have been healing burns and incidentally, the two circular lesions correspond to bolts on the inside of the dryer.’

Dr Ricci also said that ‘the distribution of the burns indicates either that the child was moving fairly dramatically and or the dryer was moving’.

In conclusion, Dr Ricci said that the boy was inside the dryer for a ‘fairly prolonged period of time. And the dryer, indeed, may have actually been turning’.

As part of an investigation, police took the dryer from the mother’s Maine home and tested to see how hot the drum got when it was on.

They put the machine on for five minutes at the ‘low’ setting and the dryer hit 125 degrees.

However, when it was put on ‘normal’ for three minutes the temperature hit 180 degrees.

Morton was staying with his girlfriend and her three other children when the incident occurred.

When representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services arrived to interview the other children, the were told by them that Morton ‘does mean things’ to the boy.

Three years? No, seriously, THREE YEARS is all the court could muster? Well I hope the boys inside make it the longest three years of his life.

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