Man Pulled Over Twice for Driving with Flashlights Strapped on with Bungee Cords as Headlights

by Warner Todd Huston | February 7, 2015 5:19 pm

Now for today’s tale of the stupid… a man in Tennessee was pulled over, for a second time, for driving using flashlights fixed to his bumper instead of fixing his headlights!

Tennessee has some doosies, doesn’t it? Talk about Macgyvering it[1]!

A Sweetwater man was stopped not once, but twice in one day for driving his car at night using only flashlights to light the way.

Knoxville police said the man strapped the flashlights onto his bumper using a bungee cord.

Officers first stopped the man at 2 a.m. in east Knoxville on Monday, according to a post on the Knoxville Police Department’s Facebook page. Just 18 hours later, police pulled over the man again in north Knoxville.

Driving an unsafe vehicle, for sure.

  1. Talk about Macgyvering it:

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