Man Sexually Assaulted Girl w/ Knives and Sucked Fat From Her Stomach to Inject Into Her Breasts

by Sierra Marlee | July 24, 2015 5:14 pm

68-year-old Louis Romano Bianculli[1] recently confessed to a six year campaign of sexual assault against an unnamed female victim. He would reportedly drug the girl, sexually abuse her with knives and needles, and even suck fat out of her stomach and inject it into her breasts. This was revealed after the victim admitted all of the torture she suffered to her therapist.


From The Daily Mail[3]:

A 68-year-old man confessed to enacting a sickening campaign of sexual abuse on a young girl he would routinely drug, assault with needles and knives and enact makeshift surgical procedures on, according to police.

Louis Romano Bianculli, from Lighthouse Point, Florida, was arrested and charged after the alleged six years of sexual trauma was revealed by his victim in a therapy session, police say.

In a warrant for his arrest, Lighthouse Point police recounted the grim accusations against Bianculli, which span from September 2005 to April 2011.

Taped conversations between Bianculli and a third party reportedly reveal him confessing that he let a ‘dark part’ of himself take over – and he would knock the girl out with sleeping pills or the primitive anesthetic chloroform and abuse her while she lay unconscious.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, he would also slice his victim’s belly with knives, violate her with needles, and suck out fat from her stomach to pump into her breasts.

Police said that Bianculli terrified the girl with stories of how he had killed people in the Vietnam War. She was convinced that he would kill her too if she stopped ‘playing along’.

The warrant said she was ‘brainwashed’ and would obey instructions to ‘drop your pants’ and ‘take off your shirt’, while also submitting to the depraved makeshift surgical procedures.

She would be drugged once a week, the warrant said, for what Bianculli called his ‘surgeries’.

The procedures allegedly involved him sucking out fat from the girl’s stomach and pumping it into her chest – sometimes as she hovered on the brink on consciousness.

He reportedly used the same needles to sexually abuse her.

The warrant said that the abuse began when Bianculli used a ‘pressure point’ technique to knock out the girl in 2005, then groped her while she was unconscious under the pretense of checking her heart. The abuse is said to have escalated from there in the six years that followed.

According to the warrant, Bianculli would also tie down the girl with duct tape, put a plastic bag over her head and count down how many breaths she could take before passing out.

The victim reportedly told police she did not know whether Bianculli also raped her while she was unconscious because she was ‘too afraid’ to ask him.

Bianculli is being held in a Fort Lauderdale jail and has been charged with multiple counts of sexual battery.

Depending on the precise age of the victim at the time of the abuse – which has not been released – Bianculli could face the death penalty. has contacted his attorney for comment.

According to tapes obtained by police, Bianculli admitted the abuse and said it made him feel like ‘a disgusting person’. But he claimed that the behavior was something ‘a lot of people get off on sexually’. Police have not said where the tapes came from.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this girl while she tries to mentally recover from this horrific ordeal. This “man” needs to be locked away and receive intense mental rehabilitation, because he is clearly very ill.

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