Man With Wounded Face, Possessed By Demon TERRORIZES Hospital Staff – Does UNTHINKABLE [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | March 4, 2017 4:17 am

A frightful and frankly quite disturbing video reveals the moment a man with a nasty facial wound, a contorted body and raspy voice, went full exorcist[1]. The man looks completely insane…or evil. Many who have seen the video claim that he is one that has been ‘possessed by the devil’.

Take a look and decide for yourself.


The footage caught is said to be filmed by staff at the Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio, Brazil when the man was brought in after taking a bullet to the face.

Blood was flowing from the injury and the man took on the form of a wide eyed possessed person that could not stop screaming.

Well, either that or he was on some serious bath salts…

He paced around the corridor with his back arched way back and his mouth opened wide. That, along with he bulging eyes is enough to freak you out. His eyes appeared wild and dark, and he seemed to be attempting to explain just what had happened to his face…Except it was with a raspy voice.

A panic-stricken hospital staff were obviously too frightened to deal with the patient because you can see in several shots that doctors and nurses were attempting to keep a safe distance away from the man by using some type of chair or object to put space between them.

The video was posted online under the moniker: ‘The Joys of Working at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio.’ There is no other information as far as the patient goes, or what ultimately ended up happening, but to me, there is no way that this could not be a potential drug encounter. Drugs do freaky things to people, depending on the kind used…just ask Florida about bath salts…

Either way, here’s the video. It may be a bit disturbing:

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