Mother, Daughter Duo Busted For Running Unlicensed ‘Erotic Massage Parlor’ [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 21, 2017 11:53 am

Wow…[1] It looks like a mother and daughter in Florida found that other way of making money. Anne Dodge, 55, and Jennifer Dodge, 30, both got busted for conducting an unlicensed massage service that also doubled as a prostitution service evidently. They posted sleazy ads on to entice men into their parlor. They wound up with undercover detectives busting them for swapping sexual favors for money.

The mother-daughter duo ran the service out of their home. They were under surveillance from June through August. I guess I’m jaded, but things like this don’t shock me anymore. When you live in Vegas for twenty years, you get used to it. They had all the tools for a massage business, but it was far more than that. These are the types of crimes that give massage therapists a bad name.


From Breitbart[3]:

Authorities busted a mother and daughter for running an unlicensed massage parlor in Florida that allegedly provided sexual favors to clients.

Authorities arrested Anne Dodge, 55, and Jennifer Dodge, 30, after receiving a tip about alleged prostitution taking place at their home in Sarasota, the New York Post reported.

WFTS reports that the duo allegedly posted ads to, advertising “erotic” services.

“I am a beautiful, talented, licensed massage therapist whom God uses to bring his healing energy to you and bring you to a whole new level of ecstasy,” a listing for Anne reportedly said.

Detectives conducted a covert investigation into their massage business between June and August.

Over the course of the investigation, an undercover officer discovered that Anne was performing massages on clients for money even though she did not have a license. Her daughter, Jennifer, allegedly exchanged sexual favors for money with another undercover detective.

WFVT reports that authorities found warming massage oil, a towel steamer, and deep-tissue massage lotion in a search of their home Wednesday after obtaining a warrant.

The police arrested the mother on Wednesday of last week for operating a massage business without a license before releasing her on $4,000 bond the same day. The daughter was arrested the next day on prostitution charges before posting $1,500 bail. She has three prior prostitution convictions. Wonder why they didn’t get the mother on pimping for her daughter? Just sick.

Both women were arrested without incident and transported to the Sarasota County Jail. Why in the heck wouldn’t you get a real license and try to conduct a real business instead of hooking? I would bet that the legitimate business would pay more. I wonder if they have drug habits. Would not surprise me if they did. I guess the family that hooks together, serves time together. SMH.

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