Mother Survives the Holocaust, Now Dies by the Hand of Her Own Daughter, But There’s a Mystery…

Mother Survives the Holocaust, Now Dies by the Hand of Her Own Daughter, But There’s a Mystery…

Some crimes will just never make any sense. Shosana Lilien was an elderly woman who survived the Holocaust, only to be killed by her own daughter.

shoshana lilien

A woman likely killed her 85-year-old mother at their New York home before killing herself inside a hotel room in Pennsylvania, police said Thursday.

Hannah Lilien, 55, was found dead in the Red Roof Inn at about 12.45pm Wednesday.

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She had self-inflicted wounds that didn’t involve a gun, said Sgt. Chuck Mascellino with Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, police.

‘We did find some items and evidence that indicated the suspect/victim here in Cranberry may have harmed her mother in Buffalo,’ Mascellino said.

According to the Buffalo News, Hannah Lilien was an ex-teacher for the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Buffalo’s day care.

Her elderly mother Shoshana Lilien purportedly survived the Holocaust, the newspaper said.

Buffalo police were asked to check on Hannah Lilien’s mother, and found her dead at the residence about an hour later, authorities said.

Authorities believe the deaths are a murder-suicide, Mascellino said.

Mascellino wouldn’t comment on how the older woman died or on what might have led to the killings.

Police believe Hannah Lilien had been dead several hours when her body was found. She had checked into the hotel, along Route 19, on Tuesday night.

… The Buffalo News reported that Hannah Lilien quit her JCC job in 2013 after 15 years so she could be her mother’s caretaker.

The newspaper said Shoshana Lilien’s spouse Max died seven years ago.

He was referred to as a ‘Holocaust Survivor’ in a June 2009 notice, it also pointed out.

… Buffalo neighbor Lyn Martone told TWC News: ‘She (Hannah) often made remarks about how troublesome it was to always care for her parents as anyone would at our age, trying to take care of an older parent.

‘It’s devastating, actually.

‘Nothing like that has ever happened around here, and out of all the houses on the street, that’s the last one I would’ve thought police were going to for that kind of thing.’

Did the strain of caring for her mother get to her, or is there more to the story? Whatever the situation, this is a heartbreaking tragedy that we likely will never fully understand.

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