Parents Helplessly Watch In HORROR What’s Happening On Their Nanny Cam – Then Call The Cops [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 24, 2017 11:01 am

I just can’t imagine[1] what this poor family is going through. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. A couple set up a nanny cam to watch the way their nanny was treating their infant son – he has special needs. He suffers from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome. He eats through a feeding tube and does not speak. He’s also blind in one eye. The child has to have round-the-clock care. Unfortunately, this woman was entrusted with some of that care.

The parents watched in horror on their phones as the woman beat the child with a magazine and callously shook him. They were 20 minutes away, so they called the police. The woman was arrested at the scene. She could have killed that little boy. His condition is very delicate. The parents are now suing the fired special needs nurse and the company who placed her with them. I don’t blame them in the least.


A nanny cam in the corner of the room saw the nurse shake and hit their son, Landon.

From the Daily Mail:

A mother witnessed her infant son being beaten by a nurse who was supposed to care for him.

Dyanna Ko endured every parent’s worse nightmare as she checked her nanny cam using an app on her phone to see how her little boy with special needs was being looked after while she was out.

Landon’s condition is a delicate one. He suffers from Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome which means he eats through a feeding tube, is non-verbal, is blind in one eye and requires 24-hour care.

The parents feel like this is their fault. There is no way they could have known this woman was like that until they saw her do it. I’m just relieved she was stopped before she killed the child. That was a real possibility with her actions. The nurse in the video has been identified as Thelma Manalastas who was employed by Maxim Healthcare Services that provides home healthcare. I believe this is in California… probably Redondo Beach.

The company has released a statement: ‘Upon learning of this incident, we conducted an investigation that resulted in the termination of Ms. Manalastas’ employment with Maxim. We have notified the California Board of Nursing and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities as they investigate this matter.’ Not nearly good enough and the family is now taking legal action. The parents have set up a YouCaring page[3] for those that wish to donate to their son and help fund his nursing care. Give if you can and if you have a nanny or even just baby sitters, seriously consider installing a nanny cam. It could save your child’s life.


At one point it appeared as though the nurse was striking the toddler with a magazine.


On a number of occasions, the nurse threatened the child for no reason at all.


In other parts of the footage the nurse had be seen shaking the child in his chair.


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