People Totally Concerned About Offending Arrestees In Baltimore

by William Teach | July 3, 2015 6:45 am

Issues that are of Serious Concern. And by people being concerned, I mean those in the media and typical Social Justice Warriors, because most in the comments couldn’t care less about offending criminals

(WBALTV[1]) The Baltimore City Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a WBAL-TV 11 News viewer shared four photographs of a sign inside a city police wagon.

The photos show the doors of the parked police van left open. On the inside of the back door is a sign, attached or possibly stenciled on, that reads: “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!”

The sign’s placement makes it clear that this is a message for people who are arrested to see after they’re put in the back of the van and the doors are shut.

Police Department officials told 11 News the photos are real and they triggered an internal investigation.

The high mucky-mucks in the Baltimore PD are Very Concerned about offending people who’ve been arrested and are being transported to jail.

BTW, it’s doubtful the sign can be seen when the door is closed. It’s most likely intended to be seen by people who broke the law, were arrested, and about to be transported as they enter the van.

There used to be a saying “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” Now it’s apparently “we worry about your feelings, hardened criminal.”

Another BTW, some are saying that the photo is altered. City Paper[2] says that, to the best of their knowledge, it is real. But, the photographer, who refuses to be identified, hasn’t give up the originals as of yet. Personally, I see no reason to doubt the authenticity. Cops have a funny sense of humor.

A third BTW: one would think people would be more concerned with all the crimes and shootings in Baltimore. The BPD’s Twitter[3] feed shows lots and lots of shootings.

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