PICTURE: Disturbed Man Grabs Hostage on street And holds MEAT CLEAVER to her throat

by John Hawkins | April 8, 2014 7:43 pm

Sure, this story is from China and it’s not very political, but that picture is just so AMAZINGLY INTENSE[1] that I had to run it.


This is the terrifying moment a man wielding a cleaver grabs a woman in the street and threatens to cut her throat before being tackled to the ground by police.

The woman was grabbed by the knifeman at the Kunming News Center in China’s south west Yunnan Province earlier today.
The cleaver was then held against her neck, with the man threatening to cut her throat.

Police were called to the scene and cordoned off the area before trying to negotiate with the man.

The man was then detained by the police after the one-hour standoff.

The female hostage was then freed but fainted due to the terrifying incident and was immediately rushed to hospital.

A police officer was also wounded in the tackling the man and sustained injuries to his right hand.

I was impressed by her being such a cool cucumber while the guy had a cleaver to her throat, but then she spoiled it by fainting afterwards. That being said, who could blame her because that’s pretty intense. At least she has a really cool story to tell people for the rest of her life, which could have been considerably shorter if he’d moved that cleaver a couple of inches closer to her neck.

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