Pregnant Woman Arrested for Pelting Brother With Frosted Cupcakes [PHOTOS]

Pregnant Woman Arrested for Pelting Brother With Frosted Cupcakes [PHOTOS]

Maybe use this one to scare one of your kids who won’t stop playing around with his food: Yes, you can get arrested for throwing cupcakes.

This week, a Florida woman was arrested after starting a one-way food fight with her older brother. The arrest took place at 1:45 am during the early morning of Saturday, July 1st, at the family home in Vero Beach. The police report from the incident is making its rounds and is fully available on The Smoking Gun, linked further below in this article.

Latonya Daugherty is the 24 year-old woman pictured below, arrested for throwing the cupcakes at Eddie Yaddow, her 30 year-old elder brother. I’m going to take a wild guess that the reason the police had to get involved when Eddie did attempt to fight back against Latonya, is that she is currently four to six weeks pregnant. The report indicates that there was a “verbal argument” that escalated into the cupcake throwing jamboree. While we are not sure why they were arguing, Eddie was accused of then removing the cupcake frosting from his arms and wiping it in her hair.

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These are adults, folks. Adults are staying up late, refusing to go to bed, throwing cupcakes and when one smears frosting into the other’s hair, the cops have to get involved to throw one of them in lockup.

Of course, Eddie has been accused of kicking Daugherty in her stomach at this time, so I’m not sure that pulling these two champs apart for the night is going to result in a stable, happier family.

In speaking to police, Daugherty’s mother said that Latonya was the “initial primary aggressor as she [was the one who] threw cupcakes,” but the police concluded that Yaddow’s reaction “exceeded a reasonable response in self defense,” causing him to be arrested for aggravated battery. Latonya’s charge was that of domestic battery.

According to The Smoking Gun:

Daugherty–who told police that she was about four to six weeks pregnant–was released from jail Saturday evening after posting $1000 bond. Yaddow remains locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond on the felony battery charge.

And it must be mentioned: While the police noted the blue frosting in Latonya’s hair, they did not collect the cupcakes for evidence.

You can see the two winners here:

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