SATANIST: Ex-cop who murdered six homeless men because he wanted to build a ZOMBIE ARMY is jailed

SATANIST: Ex-cop who murdered six homeless men because he wanted to build a ZOMBIE ARMY is jailed

There is a Satanist cop who viciously murdered six homeless men to fulfill his fantasy of wanting to see if they would turn into zombies. This cop is now behind bars.


Arsen Bayrambekov was imprisoned for 13 years after a court was told how he kidnapped his homeless victims to murder them and fulfill his ‘occultist’ obsession.

Bayrambekov murdered his victims using a knife at first, before performing rituals with their blood. Using a stick and a dummy, he revealed to law enforcement how he carried out his sick and twisted scheme.

The 35 year-old accepted the paranormal and wanted to make his own army of walking dead soldiers. Bayrambekov, who worked as a police officer during the day, would take his victims from the city of Yekaterinburg in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region.

The occultist, who is believed to have publicized himself online as an adept in black magic, took them to ‘Ganya’s Pit’ – a spot close to the nearby village of Koptyaki.

It’s where the Bolsheviks tossed the lifeless bodies of Tsar Nicholas ll and his family in 1918. Police revealed he then murdered them with a knife before he smeared the blood on a home-made stone satanic temple.


He then buried the bodies in a special way before attempting to resurrect them to create zombies. Police were tipped off to the crimes after the killer touted to other Satanists about what he had been up too.

A search was established and the bodies were soon discovered. They even brought Bayrambekov along to the crime scene so that he could re-enact how he carried out the murders, using a stick and a dummy.

Bayrambekov acknowledged the killings even though many were concerned he would weasel his way out of a prison sentence as he had tried to cut a deal with the prosecution, asserting he was not in his right mind.

But the judges were not hearing it and sent him for a psychiatric evaluation with experts finally ruling that Bayrambekov was reasonable enough to be able to answer for his actions.

He was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months behind bars and ordered to pay £12,000 to the families of his victims…not a very good sentence for a SERIAL KILLER…but that’s Russia, I guess.

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